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Batter up!

I was fortunate to come home to a really exciting package last night.

I listen to this podcast called Makers of Sport, hosted by Adam Martin of Mtn. & Co. As the name implies, the show explores the stories and work of designers and creatives in the world of sports and Adam just released his 100th episode, which is no small feat. I know for a fact that he puts in hours and hours of research and planning before he interviews his guests, and then self-produces the work without taking sponsorship dollars (which means no ads for furniture or promotional products 🙌). Adam’s guest for his 100th show was Jeremy Mitchell, founder of Mitchell Bat Co., which is a fantastic custom baseball bat shop out of Nashville. Adam and Jeremy teamed up to produce a custom MoS bat to commemorate the century mark and they were gracious enough to hold a drawing, and I won!

I love the colors and crisp line work on this bat. It’s a really fun piece of memorabilia with a high level of craftsmanship. Included in the box was a pack of Topps baseball cards from 1989 (my birth year), complete with a petrified stick of gum and a chance to win a trip to the 1990 Spring Training! 🤞🤞

Yes, those are snowflakes.

In the creative world (and in plenty of industries, for that matter) the best thank you I can think of is a referral, so in gratitude to both of these creatives, I encourage you to:

  • Subscribe to Makers of Sport podcast on your favorite app

  • Consider joining the MoS Community, which is a members-only Slack group of extremely talented sports creatives working in the highest levels of professional and collegiate sports around the world. It’s been so valuable to me to have found my “tribe” of like-minded designers, who go out of their way to help each other succeed.

  • Check out Mtn. & Co. for design solutions for sports

  • Find some amazing gift ideas for the sports fan in your life at Mitchell Bat Co. I thought Jeremy’s work was super cool before I won this bat, and now I’m really proud to display it in my office. I’ll have to pick up one of his leather bat holders to hang it. Plus, a portion of each sale supports youth baseball opportunities.

Love the detail on the knob.

Many thanks, Adam & Jeremy! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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